About Us

The Story Of Purple Peanut.

Yellowww our awesome friend!

This is Zaid, Jassil and Rehan (same order as in the cute pic below).

cofounders of purple peanut - india's best clothing store


Allow us to narrate our story of Purple Peanut.

In 2020, three of us and our very close friend, Naivedya, decide to work on our startup idea - Bottle. It’s been a crazy year full of learnings. But being bootstrapped, we had our restrictions.


One day, we read about the story of how Airbnb founders sold Cereal Boxes in their early days to fund the company. Inspired by the same, we decided to start something and put all the profits into building Bottle. 

That’s how we began Purple Peanut. 


But now, it's more than just a medium of income to bootstrap our startup. 

Purple Peanut is a way for anyone, and everyone, to confidently flaunt themselves, wearing what they love. Be it Brooklyn 99 or The Office or any other funky stuff we have, we want to become that symbol of confidence in someone. 


We just want you to wear our merch, walk out with your head held high, smiling like the dopest looking person out there. That's simply why we exist.